• Guns and Ammo Workout Plan – Eat More 2 Weigh Less

    workout planThe Workout Plan:  A 3-day drop set extravaganza, using a Upper/Lower body split approach.

    This workout plan features added arm, glute, and hamstring focus to help dial in these areas for the approaching tank top and shorts season.  This workout plan is for those that are cutting, maintaining, or seeking body recomposition.  If you are newer to training, start with only 2 sets of each exercise and take longer rests as needed. 

    Weights:   Begin every weight session with a 5-10 minute dynamic warmup and 1-2 warmup sets (using lighter weight).  Then proceed to select a weight that presents a struggle for the last few reps.  The final set of every exercise is a drop set – do the required amount of reps with heaviest weight, then immediately reduce the weight by 50% and go to failure.  If the move is non-weighted  take the last set to failure immediately. Remember to log your weight selection, being sure to increase weight whenever possible. Because the rep range varies within certain exercises, the weight amount should not stay the same for every set.  Adjust your poundage accordingly (heavier when reps decrease).  If you can do 2-3 more reps than specified with your chosen weight, your weight is too light, and it is time to increase. You must push yourself for maximum results, every set should be challenging. There must be at least 48 hours in between repeating a specific day. Do not perform any days back to back, due to the nature of the exercises targeting similar muscles. End with 5-10 minutes of stretching, while the muscle is still warm to prevent injury.

    Cardio: 2 days of optional cardio included in the plan.  To maximize fat loss, choose the cardio options.  They can be done on different days,  if preferred.  If pressed for more than 3 days of gym time, do cardio on upper body days.  When performing cardio and weights on the same day, opt to do weights first (this doesn't include the warm-up done before weights). If including more than 2 cardio days, choose to lower intensity every other session to reduce leg swelling. Be mindful, though, that the amount of cardio that you intend on doing is figured into your food allowance.

    Food:  For best results, eat at TDEE (maintenance) or cut.  This is to provide sufficient energy for lifts, yet also maximize fat loss.  The EM2WL weight loss calculator (set goal at “lose fat, -15%”) will give you an idea of your best calorie range for losing body-fat, with minimal muscle loss.  Attempt to eat 1-1.2g of protein per lb of lean body mass, or 30-35% of your calorie intake, and sufficient carbs (around 40-45% of your total intake), mostly surrounding your workouts. (If diabetic, insulin sensitive, etc., eat carbs as per doctor/nutritionist orders).

    **Follow plan for 4-6 weeks**

    Day 1: Upper Body

    Done straight set fashion.  Finish all sets for that exercise (performing last set as a drop set) before moving to the next.  Rest 45-60 seconds between set.




    Chest & Back
    One-Arm Dumbbell Chest Press
    12,10,8 3
    Straight Arm Dumbbell Pullovers
    12,10,8 3
    Pushups, one hand elevated
    6-10 / side 3
    12,10,8 3
    Bent-Over One Arm T-Bar Row
    12,10,8 3
    Straight Arm Lat pulldown
    15,12,12 3
       Core Superset
    Bicycle crunch
    20 3
    Oblique twist (w/weight)
    20 3


    ~Rest/Yoga/Cardio (opt.)~


    Day 2: Lower Body

    Done straight set fashion.  Finish all sets for that exercise (performing last set as a drop set) before moving to the next.  Rest 60 seconds between set.




    Smith Machine Squat (feet 15in in front of bar)* 20,15,12,12 4
    Plie Dumbbell Squat (Wide Stance)
    15,12,12 3
    Walking Lunge
    30 steps 3
    Glute-Ham Raise
    15 3
    Stiff Leg Dumbbell Deadlift
    15,12,10,8 4
    Ball Leg Curl
    12 3
    Seated Calf Raises
    20 3

    *alternatively, you can opt to use the leg press, placing feet high on the platform – or wall squat for home exercisers.

    ~Rest/Yoga/Cardio (opt.)~


    Day 3: Arms

    Groups = Move through each exercise in the group, in order, w/30-45 second rest between exercises. Return to the first exercise, and repeat for each set until all sets in that group is complete (performing last set as a drop set). Then begin the same process for the next group.  Group #3 is done as a superset (back to back w/no rest).




       Group #1
    Seated Military Press 10,8,6,8 4
    EZ Bar Curl
    15,12,10,10 4
    Diamond (close-grip) Pushup
    15,12,10,10 4
       Group #2
    One Arm Incline Lateral Raise
    10,8,6,8 3
    Alternating Hammer Curl
    12,10,10 3
    Overhead Dumbbell Extensions
    12,10,10 3
     Group #3
    Bent-over Lateral Raise
    10,8,6,8 4
    Bench Knee-ins 15 4



    More of a visual person? Check out the “at-a-glance” options, by clicking on the desired day.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Getting ready to start this. Would I do these workouts in order every week? Or could I do: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 2, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and so on? Of course working in rest days between workouts.

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This workout plan is a 3 Day drop set extravaganza, using a upper/lower body split approach. This plan is perfect for those cutting, maintaining and resetting

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