"I love the Training App that EM2WL offers... you get a new workout series every month. It runs on my cell phone and also has demos on all exercises plus you can substitute if there are exercise limitations you have."

"I'm having a love affair with the EM2WL Training app, which is awesome! I've done lots of other programs and find the EM2WL Training app to be affordable and easy to use and def my favorite right now. The app gives you unlimited programming and follows a Periodization program."

Strength training will increase your muscle mass and overall ability to burn fat.

Increase Your Muscle Mass, Increase Your Metabolism.

Here's Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Muscle Mass

I've seen it happen time and time again...

The moment a woman embraces a muscle-based mindset, her body shape LITERALLY transforms!

Did you know that...

  • Your metabolism can ONLY perform two functions: Anabolism (building up) and Catabolism (breaking down)
  •  If you’re not building muscle, your body is tearing it down. There is no in-between.
  • Muscle equals metabolism. The less muscle mass you have, the slower your metabolism will be.
  • The faster that weight comes off during a diet, the more likely it is that you’re experiencing muscle loss and not just fat loss.
  • The more times you diet, the more muscle you lose. The more times you regain, the more fat is gained.
  • Since weight loss is mostly muscle, and regain is mostly fat - you actually get FURTHER away from your goals each time you fall prey to the temporary "quick-fix."
  • Not only does it get harder and harder to lose weight, but you look different each time you hit your goal (IF you hit it), and your go-to methods slowly stop working.
  • Decreased muscle means you need to lose MORE weight each time, just to look the SAME.
  • Ignoring muscle mass means burning less calories, you have to eat LESS each year to weigh the exact same.

The good news?

Most women can regain ALL of the muscle mass they lost from dieting in just 1-2 years of focused muscle building efforts.

Increased muscle gain means more calories burned at complete rest, easier fat loss.

Eat More... Weigh Less?

Oh. yesssssss.

5 Common Myths that STOP most women from getting started with
(or serious about!) building muscle.


Myth: “Metabolism slows with age, just accept it!”

Mid-life fat gain is extremely common for women. Metabolism slows, body fat increases and redistributes (as in - packs up and moves from one location on your body to another!) as the female body progresses through and beyond child-bearing years. However, seemingly age-related body composition changes actually have very little to do with AGE, and more to do with sedentary lifestyles and LOSS of muscle mass. Metabolic age and chronological age are NOT the same.

Science shows that metabolism doesn’t really slow down when activity level and muscle mass stay the same.


Myth: “I don’t want to get bulky -or- look like a bodybuilder!”

Trust me. You’ll see “too bulky” coming from a mile away! The harsh reality is that it’s actually easier for women to lose muscle than it is to build it. Building muscle is definitely NOT easy to do accidentally. It takes focus, intention, patience, and a strategic combination of progressive overload + a surplus of food. This is why I teach my students how to apply a simple phase-based eating strategy, to make sure that only lean mass is added, rather than implementing the old-school, bodybuilder “fat bulk” phase.


Myth: “I just want to be thinner, there’s no point in focusing on muscle.”

I don’t need to tell you that while this theory seemed believable at age 22, each passing year (let’s face it...decade) has led up to one surprising reality: without taking muscle mass into consideration, “skinny” becomes a constantly moving target. What seemed like a “too much fat” problem in the beginning, has likely compounded into a “too little muscle” problem. After years of chasing that fleeting number on the scale - it probably feels nearly impossible to even replicate what you once thought was "good" progress.

Whether you WANT tons of muscle or not, doesn't matter if your goal REQUIRES it. (hint: if your goal is fat loss, it requires it!)


Myth: “I NEED to lose weight first. I’ll build muscle after I get this weight off!”

If you are like my other clients, you probably feel like time is NOT on your side, and that if you don’t lose the weight right now...it will probably never happen. Most people think to get RESULTS they have to slash more calories, do more cardio, or eat less carbs. Societal (or internal) pressure to see the scale to go down by-any-means-necessary only compounds the problem by misplacing your focus.

The truth is, your scale weight isn’t the problem, the real culprit is the intense lack of muscle mass needed to get the job done. In other words, only after muscle is regained, will fat loss efforts be fully supported.

When you ditch the scale addiction, and take the time needed to actually rebuild that precious muscle mass, you will be able to finally see lasting results without spending another decade (or two) of your life losing (and regaining) the same 5, 15, 50 lbs.

Your chances of losing fat and keeping it off is 10x BETTER when you’re starting from a muscular surplus!


Myth: “I’ve lost weight before with just cardio - or- just do whatever workout makes you feel good”

“Every year, thousands of weight loss hopefuls pay big bucks to add another cardio machine to their dust collection, or sign up for another “on demand” workout membership to add to their already random/sporadic routine.

But the fact is:

- more cardio will not solve the muscle loss equation.

- selecting whatever workout you’re in the mood for will not give you a strategic result.

If you want a specific result, you have to perform specific actions!

Random just won’t cut it anymore.

If you don’t want to lift weights, there are definitely ways to lose weight without building an ounce of muscle. HOWEVER, I encourage all my students to take advantage of the metabolic edge (increased BMR, lower metabolic age, easier fat loss, youthful muscle tone, etc) that muscle building gives. With a few simple tweaks, even a dedicated “cardio bunny” can be transformed into a metabolic rockstar!

There’s a reason why your fat loss efforts have slowed

...and it’s directly related to how much muscle mass you’ve lost from diet and aging.

Muscle loss = metabolic aging:

  • Muscle building gets harder with each passing year
  • Muscle loss means more fat gain, slower metabolism, more aches/pains/injuries as we age.
  • Muscle loss is guaranteed with each passing year of randomness/lack of purposeful eating and exercise.

Consider this...

  • Muscle mass (and ability to “tighten and tone” with little effort) peaks at age 25
  •  At age 30, you start losing 5% of your muscle mass per decade
  • By age 70, you’ll have 25% LESS muscle mass you had in your 20s
  • During pregnancy, muscle is broken down to supply protein to baby
  • As much as 25% of the weight lost by dieting is muscle.
  • 50% of your BMR (metabolism!) is determined by how much muscle you have
  • Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat (more muscles = MORE food!)
  • Muscle mass can be rebuilt well into your 70s
  • Increasing muscle mass by 10% at age 50, can turn metabolic age back to 30

Whether you’ve been dieting 21 days or 21 years, all hope is not lost.

You can still rebuild your muscle mass, and get fat loss results of someone 2, 5, 15 years younger!

But here’s the thing… muscle building is not a random, accidental, or overnight process.

With the 4-stage periodization of the EM2WL Training App:

  • You’ll never have to do the same workout twice.
  • Your reps, sets, and exercise pairings are strategically configured for the results of every workout - every week - to compound on what you did the week before.
  • Results are ALWAYS predictable, and duplicatable (never random!)

Watch your strength and muscle gains go through the roof, just in the first few phases.

Random workouts will always give random results - which typically means DIY dieters spend most of their journey moving one step forward, and five steps back, never truly understanding what gives them results (and if it does, why).

Whether you’re seeking fat loss, maintenance, or simply a higher quality of life as you age - building muscle is KEY. So why risk botching such a critical element of your journey with experimental piecemealing of random YouTube, Pinterest, IG workouts together in haphazard phases.

It’s not that the workouts are “bad,” but it's highly likely that you’re doing them out of order, minimizing your result possibilities. You don’t need me to tell you that - Pinterest has no idea what workout you did 12, 24, 36 weeks ago - or how to compound on it. (But... the app does!)

This is why I’m so excited for this special offer.

While you should never stop stalking Pinterest for new things to DIY - knowing when to bring in a pro can get your results so. much. faster (and save you yearsss of time wasted, recovering from a botched DIY!)

‘Cuz, yeah.

You’re busy.

You can’t afford to waste time.

The Complete A-Z Program to take your fat loss potential from plateau to PEAK!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from decades of research, certifications, a degree in Exercise Science, training Personal Trainers, and (more importantly) being in the trenches with clients…

The EM2WL Workout Vault

Isn’t another collection of “on-demand” workouts - it’s a monthly blueprint.

Yes, you’ll receive new plug and play workout plans every month, but more importantly, you’ll learn the strategies behind everything you do, AND have a meticulous, step-by-step, project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The end result: Advanced levels of strength, muscle gains, and fat loss capacity.

In just 3-4 workouts per week!

Your Investment


Per Year

Most popular!

  • Access to The EM2WL Training App
  • 12 {GYM + HOME} Monthly Workout Plans (Print PDF or track in app)
  • (12) Monthly Phase Walkthrough Videos
  • Home Workout Vault
  • 6 Week Bodyweight Firm Up Plan
  • Facebook Group


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Results Accelerator

  • 1 Year Access to The EM2WL Training App
  • 12 {GYM + HOME} Monthly Workout Plans (Print PDF or track in app)
  • (12) Monthly Phase Walkthrough Videos
  • Home Workout Vault
  • 6 Week Bodyweight Firm Up Plan
  • Facebook Group
  • (1) 1:1 Fat Loss Blueprint Call w/Kiki - Get personalized help with your 90-day blueprint ($500 Value)


🔥BONUS #1: Monthly LIVE Q&A

🔥BONUS #2: Master Your Metabolism Masterclass

🔥BONUS #3: Beginner Strength Training Manual 

🔥75% OFF The Diet Rebel Method

“I didn't think I needed a trainer (after all, I'm a certified trainer myself!) much less a training app... Until I realized that if I wanted to step up and reach my goals I needed a coach! Even trainers need a trainer!”

- Tereza T


The EM2WL Workout Vault

Today and get…

  • 1 Year Access to The EM2WL Training App

A new workout automatically loads into your calendar every 4 weeks - which is good for you because the digital training log, rest timer, and PR (personal record!) prompts keep you consistent and laser-focused on making improvements every. single. workout.

  • 12 {GYM + HOME} Workout PDFs

This rocks because you’ll always be able to see and prepare for the next phase before it even loads in the app. If life hits, you get sick, miss a workout, or have to go on vacation in the middle of a phase that you LOVE, and see a new workout in the app when you get back, you can head over to the Vault and pick right back up where you left off. PLUS, it never hurts to have a hard copy of your workouts should technology fail, OR if digital tracking just isn’t your jam.


You'll love it because you can simply press “play” before starting ANY phase, and I’ll walk you through the coming phase, tell you exactly what to expect, where/when to modify, and how to periodize your eats to match your workouts.

  • Home Workout Vault

Which is awesome because having minimal-to-no-equipment workouts on tap is a Godsend when traveling, too busy to get to the gym...or during a global quarantine.

  • 6 Week Bodyweight Firm Up Plan

So important because even though you have access to Google, Instagram, YouTube and 38294857 on-demand bodyweight workouts… stand-alone workouts, devoid of progressive overload - can only get you so far before you start to see diminishing returns.

If you’ve been embracing randomness for months on end - waiting for life to go “back to normal” - it’s time to move forward. The 6 week bodyweight plan removes all excuses, and will ease you into a periodization right away, and start compounding results again while you accumulate equipment for future phases.


And to Make Sure You’re Supported Every Step of The Way, You’ll Also Get Access To...


Access To The EM2WL Method Private Facebook Community, where I’ll host a Monthly Office Hours + Ask-Anything Q&A sesh to help you with day to day questions regarding exercise modifications, equipment suggestions, form pointers, calories/macros and matching your eats to the workouts / EM2WL phases, based on your goals and your new normal.


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Beginner Strength Training Manual {which includes an additional 12-week plan!} to assist you in understanding the “why” behind certain “rules” of strength training, and teach you how to take any workout (even FREE ones you find on Pinterest/YouTube) and structure them into your own personal periodized plan.

Sneak Peek Into The Vault

Watch this video to see a sneak peek into all the great things you will be receiving.


  • How does it work?

Every 4 weeks a new workout will be released inside of your app. You just log in, and get to work. Once you’ve done any exercise once, the app will remind you of what weight to use the next time. Do the workouts in the order released via app for best results.

However, if life takes over, or for any reason you need to do a different workout than the one that appears in your app, you will have access to The Workout Vault, to choose an option better suited for your space/time/equipment situation.

Should you have any questions about your workout plan, workout substitutions, or how to eat during a particular phase, post your question in our private facebook, or bring it to our monthly ask-anything Q&A sesh.

  • How long will it take to get results?

If you are choosing a specific goal (muscle gain, fat loss, increased metabolism, etc), committing to it, matching your food intake to it, and hitting a consistency goal of 80% or more with your workouts, you should start seeing the first signs of progress toward that goal within about 12 weeks or so, and by the end of your first year - your tracking method* should show obvious changes.

If you’re not exactly sure what “results” you’re looking for, are inconsistent, or hesitant to do what it takes to reach the goal - results will vary, and be hard to measure.

* You must know what you want, what it takes, and have some method of properly tracking progress, to know whether or not “results” are happening. (Our Bonus Blueprint Building call will help you to nail down the exact timelines for your goals.)

  • Can I (should I) wait until I have gym membership/access/my gym opens back up to get this offer?

Unless you have insider info as to exactly when your gym is opening up, why chance it? You’ve likely already been out of commission long enough, and although the workouts are guaranteed, this crazy low rate is not.

Every workout offers a home AND gym option, and there is even a 6-week no-equipment periodized plan if you currently have access to zero equipment.

The 6-week bodyweight plan gives enough time for
a) your gym to open back up, or
b) you to start collecting a few inexpensive pieces of equipment (resistance band, stability ball, etc.) to begin the next phase of the periodization.

Not having access to a gym does not change the fact that some sort of progressive overload will be required in order to continue making progress. Simply looking for new plans that utilize the same moves, with the same weight and rep range do not push you to grow, and will not help your bottom line. Time spent researching random workouts is time that could be spent finding a new recipe, learning a new language, cleaning a closet, or Facetiming loved ones during this crazy time.

  • What's the difference between this and Daily Burn, FitnessBlender, Peloton, the Mirror, or the gazillion FREE workout apps/plans out there?

One word. Periodization. It’s what separates the pros from the amateurs. The results-based exercisers from the recreational, DIY exercisers. There is no on-demand or free workout plan that assures that your entire year is periodized. You may find a 4-week plan here, and a 12-week plan there, but where should each one fit in the grand scheme?

A one-off, stand-alone workout is awesome if you’re just getting started, or for warding off the blahs. Newbies gains for.the.win. However, just like you can’t string together a bunch of random classes together at the local community college to equal a specific degree, you can’t expect to randomly weave together a YouTube workout here, and a Pinterest workout there and get a specific physique result

Side note: the app workouts only require about 3-4 days per week, so there is still plenty of space to incorporate a fave random, or on-demand workout - should you desire - in addition to your scheduled app workouts.  

  • When do I get my plans?

You’ll get access to the digital workouts inside of the app, and the PDF plans inside of the Workout Vault immediately after signing up.  

If you're still reading this, you're obviously thinking about getting The Workout Vault.

You want to get rid of the doubt, confusion, and inconsistency in your workout routines.

You want to rebuild your muscle mass, lose some fat, and finally see some muscle definition (even though it’s harder now, and you feel bad even being concerned about it with all that’s going on right now).

You have a 1 YEAR Guarantee, so you don't have to decide. Sign up now and access the workouts for a FULL year. If you do the work, and don't see results, get your money back!