From an original thread in the forums:

I ADORE how more people are realizing that the process requires baby steps. I’ve noticed (as I’m sure many of you have) that it’s the people who try to “change the world” or do everything at once that have the most difficulty with the entire process.

Increasing calories, trying to hit macros perfectly, doing a reset, decreasing/increasing exercise, adding in weight lifting, running a 10k, going Paleo, zigzagging cals, IFing, adding Peanut Butter back in to the diet, drinking protein shakes, adding HIIT, giving up diet soda, switching to low carb/high carb, going to college, getting a degree, becoming a doctor, inventing a cure for cancer…

Ok, so I’m getting carried away…

But you get what I’m saying.  Trying to conquer the world during your first week/month/YEAR of EM2WL (or most anything, for that matter), is gonna put you on the fast track to insanity.

One step at a time is all we can do.

Think of all things on your journey that you feel you need to work on:  increase protein? drink more water? eat more veggies? not get on the scale as much? add good fats? let go of quick fix mentality? (aka stop watching The Biggest Loser, or reading mags that fill you with doubt…) and pick ONE that will have the greatest impact.   

Do that ONE thing, until it is second nature. Then add the next step. There is no rush. You have nothing but time, this is the rest of your life.

Side note:  For some, simply increasing calories is putting more than enough on their plates (pardon the pun), and they need to only focus on that.

When we tackle ONE new thing we have an over 80% success ratio.  When we try to tackle TWO things, that rate drops as low as 20%

“ONE thing at a time!” you exclaim…”but that may take over a YEAR!”


Set yourself up for success!

Have you considered the changes that you need to make? Which will have the MOST immediate impact? What ONE thing will you be working on?

STOP Spinning your wheels and Get OFF the Rollercoaster!



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