EM2WL is working for meI am sure you have seen it, people that say eating more to weigh less is bullpoopoo, since eating more is what made them fat in the first place.   They swear that 1200 calories or less has no negative impact and it works for them…end of story.

I am not here to tell anyone how to lose weight and get healthy…I can only tell you what worked for me.

In October 2010, I gave birth to my 4th surrogate baby, a precious little girl, into the arms of her parents. The end of  the pregnancy was a bit rough, with gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.  But, she was out and she was healthy.  Three days after giving birth, my blood pressure started being uncontrollable and I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.  It usually happens before giving birth, but I like to do things my way.  After spending 5 days in the hospital, hooked to so many beeping machines and scared to death of leaving my own kids without a mom, I was released home and more than ever convinced that I wanted to be healthy.  My high blood pressure had nothing to do with my weight but I never want to feel that sick in my life — if I can help it.

EM2WL is working for meOn November 11th 2010, I logged on MFP for the first time.  Like everyone else and their cousins, I was put on 1200 calories a day.  I also started 30DS and C25K.  The results came immediately, and I lost 15 pounds in the first 3 months.  I also lost my will to live…ok, ok it was not that bad LOL — but, I was low in energy and high in irritability.  The worst part is that, while I lost weight…it didn’t change my shape. I was a smaller version of my fat self.

So I was miserable, hungry, irritable and still soft…that was not good, I had to find a better way.

I started reading and researching, I knew that 1200 calories were not enough so my first step was to up those to 1400-1500 calories a day.  It was a lot better but my weight loss was very slow and has been ever since.  Then in the summer of 2011, I ordered the book “The New Rules of  Lifting for Women.”  I upped my calories again to 1600 on days I didn’t lift and 1900 on days I did.  Let me tell you, that first day in the big boy part of the gym was intimidating.  There was no way for me to blend in!!! But I faked confidence and did my thing. It was pretty much love at first rep!!! The first 6 weeks, I lost a total of 6 inches but the scale didn’t move. I didn’t care since I was looking better and better.

EM2WL is working for meFor 6 months, I did the program, ate my calories and saw no changes on the scale or on the measuring tape. I do not know if it because I am stubborn or stupid, but even with the lack of results I just did the program…and I am glad I did. What I learned is that the tools I was using were the problem…not my body. I was also feeling so much better!!!!

By the time February came around, I was done with the new rules and it was time to try to shed my last 10 pounds so I lowered my calories back to 1400…mistake…bad, bad mistake.  In that month I had a cold from hell, my lifting got horrible, I had headaches, mood swings, my cycle turned into a 3 week affair.  I was not having fun.  I also lost 5 pounds but at a very high price.  I then went back to maintenance for a month, then did another cut cycle.  I had plan for a  month cut cycle but didn’t last a week.  This is when I contacted Kiki because I was very lost and I trust her judgment. I really wanted to lose the last 10 pounds. We calculated my TDEE (2000 calories!!!) -15% (1700 calories!!!!) and to try that.

Try that I did!!!



EM2WL is working for me

My running got better, my lifting got better and best of all, my body was changing.
“But, but, but,” you ask…what about the scale? Well it stayed the same. In fact…in the 20 months I have been doing this, I lost 15 pounds in the first 3 months, than 5 pounds in the other 17 months.  Let just say that view from the outside, it is hardly impressive!!!!

From my own point of view…I am in the best shape of my life, I feel sexy, lifting gives me strength…muscular for sure but also mental and emotional strength…and that makes the number on the scale insignificant.

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