Consistency in eating social mediaConsistency is critical when it comes to achieving your fat loss goals. There are four main places where people have the hardest time being consistent – Eating, Exercise, Planning and Patience. All of these relate easily to and work best in conjunction with each other for maximizing your fat loss efforts. Maybe you have no problems with tossing around some iron, and chanting “trust the process” as needed.  Perhaps you don’t even mind mapping out (or purchasing?) the “perfect” meal plan.  But when it comes down to actually following it…let’s just say it ain’t your strong suit.

It’s not just you.  When it boils down to eating, it can be very difficult for ANYone to be consistent, but it is critical to your success in your journey.

Key point: Consistency does not equal PERFECTION!

When it comes to eating, changing our mindset around food choices can be the hardest thing to do. Most diet plans out there force a dieter to limit or eliminate many food choices, restrict eating times, or just put unrealistic expectations on their success. The key is to find a way of eating that will allow you to be consistent at it. It doesn’t matter what kind of “plan” it is, if you cannot be consistent, it will NOT work for you.

The Imperfect Diet that you stick to beats the Perfect Diet you quit.

Here are some helpful tips to help you create your Consistent Imperfect Diet:

  • Don’t make it about “good” or “bad” foods.  All foods can be eaten, unless you have health/religious reasons for not eating something. Consistency in Eating Social Media
  • Don’t take someone elses diet plan as your motivation to eat the same way.
  • Eliminate the words “I can’t have…” from your eating vocabulary
  • Make the conscious decision to eat what YOU want.
  • Make it work for YOU!

Give yourself the grace of being human. We can’t possibly expect to be perfect when it comes to everything else in our life, so why should our eating be 100% perfect? It just can’t.

Allow yourself to let life happen.

We all get busy and we all grab the nearest take out places at times. Adapting to change and giving yourself the freedom to go with the changes will consistently bring you closer to your goals rather than falling completely off the wagon time and time again. “Start over” moments happen at every meal.  Just because you mess up one meal, does not mean it needs to snowball into the next and so on.

Being consistent is hard work. Give yourself the time and the patience to work on your consistency in your eating habits. Over time, that consistency will put you so much further ahead than jumping on the next latest and greatest “perfect” plan.

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