weight lifting

Back in September 2012, we were on vacation and I saw myself in a full length mirror and I was horrified.  I thought what the heck am I doing to myself?? I told my when I get back home I am finding the closest gym and I am going to do this! I set a goal of losing 70 pounds and I went for it.  I joined the gym and I started with lots of cardio and weights on machines.  I went 6x a week and I changed my eating habits, less eating out, nothing processed and logged everything I ate.  I was set at 1500 calories and did ok, then I went down to 1200 and felt horrible but I wanted to lose weight and at 1200 calories I wasn't losing and I was so weak and GRUMPY!

I came across Eat More to Weigh Less on myfitnesspal, so I looked into it.  I was scared to death to eat more and lift heavy for I knew nothing about my weights. But I went for it, researched many weight lifting programs and watched many YouTube videos on how to perform these exercises since I didn't have the extra money for a personal trainer.  I taught myself EVERYTHING in the weight room.  Sometimes, I watch a how to video when I'm at the gym.  Lol.  I was eating 2000 calories and felt fabulous.  My weight was at a halt and I got so frustrated.  I got rid of my scale and focused on pictures and measurements only. I felt free…

People ask me everyday what I did to lose weight and say I must of not eaten anything and I would always say, “oh I eat and I eat 2000 calories” and they are like “no way. How do you eat that many calories and look like that? You must spend hours at the gym and or doing cardio??”   I said nope, maybe 15-20 minutes a day plus my weights.  They are shocked.  I'm at a stall right now and very frustrated,  I hope I can encourage someone to keep doing what you are doing with weight lifting and eating more :) my pictures (above) are 8 months apart :)


Update (sent in shortly after – before the original story above had even been published)

weight liftingWas feeling a little down today cause my weight hasn't changed in months!  In my mind I know the scale doesn't matter but some days it really gets to me.  I had to look at a picture from a year ago and compared it to one taken yesterday!  I know I've sent my success story,  but I really am glad that I found you guys, it's helped me in so many ways!  I'm now into my 2nd week of heavy/light workout and it's kicking my butt – but I love it!  Squats and lunges are the key to this booty!!  I hope this winter I can get my body into tone shape for the summer :) no more hiding in jeans and long capris, summer dresses here I come!!



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