losing weightWEIGHT.  What is that?  Weight has lots of definitions.  The definition that commonly applies, at least in this setting is: “the amount or quantity of heaviness or mass; amount that a thing weighs”.  Okie dokie then.   As humans, we weigh “x”.  Our mass is made up of lean muscle, fat, organs, water, and bodily fluids.  However, typically our minds go to FAT.  We don't think about the other, but hey – we need to wrap our heads around that and finally  GET WITH IT.  Oh .. It has taken me YEARS to get with it.  You see… this isn't my first Rodeo.  I'm striving for this to be my final, championship Rodeo.  The rodeo that stays in town and me with it.
Losing weight.  Eh.  Maintaining the body you want – OH YEA – that takes a plan, a way of life, a life change that you can stick with – because it's REAL.  It works for you and you can stick with it forever.  This is LIFE. Must find a way to live, stay fit, healthy – for Life.

50 lbs.  That has always seemed to be my number.  Has been my nemesis since I was 13. That # 50.  Lost it when I was 16. Gained it back by age 18. And that cycle repeated itself up until 1998 when that number turned to 80. 80!!  How in the flip did that happen !!??  Oh yea ..  THAT is how it happened.  No surprises to tell.  Ate too much, exercised too little – didn't pay attention, didn't really care.  Since 1998, I'd do what I'd always done, you know the drill – eat less, eat stuff you really don't want to eat, do exercise that you really don't want to do. EH.  After a while – you quit.  Maybe you lose a bit, but then you STOP the diet and voila – the fat is back – didn't even knock – just came on in.  Darn fat – it's rude. It's why you just have to kill it – take no prisoners. But killing it and having it stay dead – THAT, THAT is the thing. Ya.

Stayed on this cycle of losing a bit, gaining since 1998.  Finally last year, I decided – THIS IS IT.  I'm done messing around, I'm getting WITH IT.  I've been unwavering since then. I was ready.  And sometimes, you just aren't ready.  Ready to get serious, ready to make permanent changes.  And you know what … it  isn't magic.  It isn't overnight.  It isn't a quick fix.  And you know .. what's the hurry?  Educate yourself.  Find what works for YOU, what you can do FOREVER. So, that's what I did.  I’ve lost 50 pounds, 5 sizes. All while EATING well, fueling my body,   I'm not done yet.  I plan on being fit, lean, healthy and HOT at 80. It's a journey, not a sprint.

losing weightOh yes … the SCALE. Let’s talk about that.  In the words of Cousin Eddie – I have a “quality item right there” – it's a nice one. Sleek, accurate, will tell me all sorts of data. However, I'm now looking at it as a tool in my arsenal along with  my food scale, my blender, my tape measure.  Oh .. the TAPE MEASURE. That's a handy thing right there. And pictures.  I've not been so good about pics – wish I had been.  But, I digress.  The scale – everybody uses it.  The doctor, the wellness coach at work, trainer at the gym, US – at home. Sometimes obsessively at home.  The number it flashes gets branded on us. We get used to thinking that number is US.  That number is WHAT'S UP with how we are doing, how we are looking, how we are feeling. Lets just STOP now – shall we? Oh.. I’m trying.  And, success stories I've read – and my own that I’m sharing with you  – keep reiterating that putting so much credence in that scale # must STOP.

K.  What's Up with me?  This is pretty huge.  For women, there are 2 subjects that usually are not broached in polite society.  Age and Weight.  I never lie about my age, never have.  Never saw the point – age is a state of being and it is what it is.  In fact, I LOVE to tell people my age.  They get that shocked look.  WEIGHT.  Oh yea.  Always have.  Can't remember a time that I didn't.  Years ago, weight was on your driver's license.  They asked your height and weight and eye color.  My answer was always 145.  Wasn't a crazy ridiculous, totally unbelievable number.  That was on my license for years.  A few months ago, I stopped lying about my weight.  Deep breath.  It's still ingrained in me that I’ll be judged by that number – no matter how I may LOOK.  But!  I’m choosing to not let myself be identified by my body weight number.

I'm 5 feet, 4 1/2 inches tall.  I wear a size 8.  In May 2011 (after I had total knee replacement surgery)  I weighed 236, size 18.  When I decided to GET WITH IT,  I thought:  I”ll lose 40 pounds, maybe 50 if I can.  I'd like to get back into a size 12.  Size 10 would be awesome.  Size 10 was the smallest size I've worn in my adult life so that was my ultimate skinny size.  I remember wearing a 10 twice in my life.  Age 16 at 135 pounds.  Age 30-something at 155-160 pounds.
I've looked at pics of me at 135 – I was truly skinny fat.  I looked SKINNY, pale – actually not good at all.  But .. size 10. Remember those 10s – were Levis.  At 160, I was more toned, not skinny. Size 10.
losing weightThis time around, I started with the 1200 calorie a day gig.  Don't we all seem to do that?  And Cardio.  BUT .. something different occurred this time.  I started weight training.  First with the weight machines.  Hmmmm.  I liked that.  Getting stronger and losing inches.  But .. those 1200 calories were not cutting it.  I was hungry and I'd stopped losing despite all my hard work.  I read, I listened, I researched.  EAT MORE.  That is what I kept hearing, reading .. EAT MORE.  I resisted. Finally … OK!  Gonna do it.  I did it.  I started eating MORE. Net 1700.   Net 1900.   I started losing weight again.   I moved to free weights.  Heavy lifting – oh YEA.   That is my ticket – THE ticket if you truly want to know my thought.  My body started changing so much.   Stronger, leaner, clothes started falling off me.  I started eating more.  Continue to lose inches .. and those clothing sizes.   BUT … the scale stopped moving.  Hmmmmmm.   But … hold on!  I'm smaller.  I am strong.  I feel INCREDIBLE.  BP, Glucose, Cholesterol – all good.  Resting heart rate of 48.   I look good in the mirror, I look good in my clothes, look pretty darn good naked .. but the SCALE.  So, what's a girl to do? Go to the store and buy some new pants.

Picked up the 10s and off to the dressing room.  Weirdness.  They were too loose.  BUT, BUT .. I've never worn anything smaller than a 10.   NO WAY do I wear an 8.   I felt like such a fraud going back to get the size 8 off the rack and taking it to the dressing room.  Up over the hips, buttoned around the waist, zipped UP .. WTH!!  I can breathe in them, bend over.  NO way.   Had to sit down for a sec.  When I checked out, I expected the cashier to ask me to PROVE that that was really my size.  Nope, she didn't blink an eye.   OK … you are thinking – what's the BIG DEAL.  Size 8.  Ok .. yada yada yada.  Ok .. here's the deal.  I still am working on my body – I have about 15  pounds of fat I want to burn, recomp to lean muscle  before I'm at my ULTIMATE goal.   But, you see – my goal isn't a “number of pounds” lost any more.   It can't be.   Things have changed.  K .. READY.  This is where I continue to not lie about my weight.

I'm a size 8.   And as of this morning —– I weigh 187

losing weightMy ultimate goal is to fit into size 6 jeans that are brand new and are hanging in my closet.  I will get there.  AND ..  I will maintain this new body of mine by keeping it properly fueled and keep it moving.  For LIFE.   There are no magic pills, potions or shakes.   Food. Exercise. Repeat.  That’s the recipe.

YA. Put away the scale. Get out the tape measure. Take some pictures. And above all: EAT.

I’m so passionate about health and fitness and the changes I’ve experienced; driven by a desire to  help others educate themselves and achieve their goals – I’m in the midst of a career change.  Law and Human Resources with a specialty in employee relations has been my career path.  My new career?  Health Coach.   I’m studying Holistic Nutrition and working on my health coaching certification.  I’m planning on launching my business GET WITH IT FOR LIFE in September.

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