When it comes to blending cardio with resistance training, when you do it matters. Let’s break it down into simple steps so you can understand how the timing of your cardio impacts your results.

Option 1: Cardio on Rest Days

Easy enough, right? Pick the days when you’re not lifting weights to do your cardio. This way, you keep things neat and tidy, letting your body focus on each type of exercise separately.

Option 2: Cardio on Lifting Days

Here’s the trick – if you can, spread out your cardio and lifting sessions. Studies say the more space you can put between them, the better your results. This works like a charm, especially if you lift three days a week and dedicate one (or more) of the other four to cardio.

Juggling Act: Frequency, Preferences, and Fun Days

As you lift more often, finding the right balance with cardio becomes a puzzle. It’s about figuring out how many cardio sessions fit your routine. And don’t forget personal preference – maybe you want some days off for leisure instead of sweating it out all the time. It’s your workout, so make it work for you.

Splitting on the Same Day: Smart Moves

If keeping cardio and lifting apart is a mission, no worries. Split them up on the same day. Try cardio in the morning and lifting in the evening (or the other way around). It’s especially handy for HIIT enthusiasts. Just remember, the order isn’t a big deal; what matters is giving your body a few hours of rest in between.

Snack Time: Fueling Your Performance

Feeling tired? A well-balanced diet can sort that out. But if you’re doing morning cardio before breakfast, grab some carbs right after to refuel your energy stores.

Rule for Same-Day Workouts: Lift First

If you’re stuck doing both cardio and lifting in one go, stick to a rule: Lift first. Aerobic exercises, even the easy ones, can tire you out. Start with lifting to keep your energy levels up. Studies show doing cardio before lifting might mess with your muscle growth signals, no matter if it’s HIIT or regular cardio.

In a nutshell, when you do cardio is like adding spices to a dish – it can make or break it. So, consider these options, think about what suits you best, and get ready to rock your workout routine. Whether you like to keep things separate, mix them up on the same day, or follow a rule for same-day workouts, the key is finding your sweet spot.



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