This video explores the pros and cons of fasted cardio, which has been getting a lot of attention lately. I’ll give you my verdict on whether or not it’s actually worth doing. Is fasted cardio really the best way to burn fat?

Is Fasted Cardio Really the Best Way to Burn Fat?

Today, we are talking all about fasted cardio. One of the reasons why I wanted to bring this up is because I recently got a question about fasted cardio. And is it helpful, or is it hype?

So let’s talk about it. A lot of fitness gurus promote fasted cardio. In case you have never heard of fasted cardio before, it is when you do just that. You wake up first thing in the morning and do cardio before eating. Especially in the morning because now you’ve come off an eight to twelve-hour fast, depending on how long you slept. That’s a fasted cardio in its simplest form.

So, Why are people promoting fasted cardio? Typically, your blood sugar levels drop when you wake up in the morning and have gone an extended time without food. When your blood sugar is running low, your glycogen storage, where your body stores all of its carbs, starts emptying. Now, because the carb sources are lower, you’re creating this environment where your body will start looking for other things to use for fuel. The following preferred fuel option would be fat.

When you go to work out, your body burns through carb storage. If you workout with minimal carbs in your system, your body tends to burn it instead for fuel during that workout. This sounds good on paper but is it really? The answer may surprise you…


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