Blog What got You Here SM (1)One of the many problems dieters encounter in their fat loss journey, is they will not pivot and make a change if something is not working. So often a dieter will hold on to whatever worked in the past as the end all, be all to get their results.

And they will keep going back to it. Over and over again.

What got you “Here”, won’t get you “There”

First of all, know that there will always be bumps in your journey. Some of them will not be clear the first time you encounter them, and some of them will require running into multiple times before it will actually apply to you.  These are blindspots.

“If I am doing _____ and it is working for me, why would I do ____ instead?”

Let’s back up a moment.

Let’s say you have never done anything physical before. So you get off the couch and start walking. Almost immediately you see results in fat loss, so you walk further. Then you start running. Again, results start to happen for you. So you run further, faster.

For the weeks or months leading up to this, maybe you have come across HIIT workouts, or someone has suggested weight training for fat loss and muscle building.  It makes complete sense to you, but you are able to push these items out of your mind because running has been getting you results.

Eventually, it all stops working.

Blog What got You Here SM (2)Uncovering blindspots

The problem with human nature is we are all egotistical at heart. No one ever wants to be proven wrong. So in this case, because you’ve told yourself that running was giving you progress, you can’t fathom giving it up for anything else.

Soon the blindspot is uncovered – your body has adapted completely to running, and in order to get results, resistance and weight training need to be added.

A great analogy for this is a potted plant. For a seed to grow, it needs a small pot. But eventually that seed will outgrow the pot and needs something bigger. If you don’t replant the pot into the ground, then the roots get stifled and it will no longer grow.

Blindspots are your seeds trying to grow. Eventually they cannot be ignored any longer and a decision has to be made whether to proceed forward, or continue stifling the plant.

These happen around every corner of your journey. Knowing they will come is a huge part of the mentality shift. By preparing ahead of time that something will need to change, we can immediately make the right decision to propel our progress forward.

Be open to change, and be open to knowing that what worked in your past, may not work for your future.



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