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    em2wl gear

    Soooo….you guys have all been harrassing asking SO nicely about how to score some cool new EM2WL gear, that you've seen us sporting in the newest vids. We did a test run on some tanks, and based on the feedback from y'all so far, things are looking good. So now, as usual, we are coming to to the fam for assistance.

    We wanna know:

    • What types of shirts would you like to see offered? Tanks? Tees? Fitted? Loose?
    • What colors? Obviously we are girly girls who love pink, but what about y'all?
    • Any guys out there that would want tees, too? What are your style preferences?
    • Is there any gear other than tees that you'd like made available?
    • What about “slogans (i.e. “take your life back…one meal at a time”)?

    Our First Giveway!

    em2wl gearWe would love to hear your ideas! We are particularly anticipating some good slogan suggestions, which leads us to our VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!! We are so excited (yes, we said first, as in there will be more!) So, here are the details:

    From now, until Wednesday of next week, we will be taking ideas for new slogans for EM2WL gear.

    The Prize:

    A free shirt, of course! Be the first to get gear with YOUR slogan. You pick the color, style, and fit (we'll have detailed info for the winner). You can also choose to have the just the logo, as we have on ours (if, for some odd reason you don't want your own slogan on your shirt, lol)

    em2wl gearTo Enter:

    Leave your slogan ideas via the comment section here, Facebook, Twitter, or on the Forums, but final voting will be tallied via the Poll on the forums. We will keep track of all ideas given, in the Contest section of the forum where everyone can vote on them. The slogan with the highest rating, WINS! (Poll will open after at least two ideas have been given, and will close at the designated end time)


    The Rules:

    1. Tell us a slogan that you think embodies the EM2WL fam who will be wearing the shirts
    2. The slogan cannot be trademarked by another company.
    3. Enter as many times as you like, as long as it's a different slogan every time.
    4. Only vote for yourself once per idea.
    5. Be creative, but not profane, we wanna be able to rock these tees in front of our kids, grandma, pastor, etc.


    Make sure you tell others to VOTE. It doesn't matter how good your idea is, if no one votes for it!

    Contest ends 11:59PM EST, July 25, 2012

    Slogan entries have ended, but please head over to the forum and vote for your fave up until the deadline!

19 Responsesso far.

  1. another guy here. a tank would be awesome.

    ‘eat strong, be strong, live strong’

  2. Settuccini says:

    Eat. Lift. Live.

  3. Settuccini says:

    Eat Like A Beast, Train Like A Beast.

  4. Evelyn says:

    Eat more, lift heavy…enjoy life

  5. Danielle DuFort says:

    Food is NOT the enemy

  6. Danielle DuFort says:


    Green fitted (non ribbed) tank. Would also like to see some sweat hair bands.

  7. Reed says:

    I’m a dude and I think guys tanks would be sweet!

    “Eating right, getting tight”

  8. April Plummer says:

    Learning to Eat Again

  9. Diana says:

    love the tank – pink or purple is good!

    Slogan: “Make peace with food, Eat More 2 Weigh Less”

  10. Save a muscle, eat protein!

  11. Faye says:

    I love the tank, my favorite color is purple.

    Slogan- Eat Up Pounds Down

  12. Lisa B says:


    “I eat therefore I am STRONG!”

  13. Lisa B says:

    What types of shirts would you like to see offered? Tanks, fitted Ts

    What colors? I’m partial to blues and greens

    Is there any gear other than tees that you’d like made available? Baseball style hats and zip up sweatshirts with hoods

    What about “slogans (i.e. “take your life back…one meal at a time”)? “Go big or go home” “strong is the new skinny” “I eat therefore I am!”

  14. Ann (Luna923) says:

    Keep Calm and Lift On

  15. Ann (Luna923) says:

    Strong is the New Skinny