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    Just drop us a line in the comments section below,  provide a link to your blog,  forum post, etc., or submit a story with pics to Success@EM2WL.com.

    Let us know: What is your greatest NSV (Non-Scale Victory) from eating more?

    Let's admit, we all begin this journey with the intention of losing weight.  After all, the site is even called Eat More 2 WEIGH Less!  Deep down, we've all wanted to (or still want!) that scale to cooperate.  Despite this innate craving for scale loss, so many of us end up finding ourselves, and somewhere along the way, the journey becomes about SO much more than just weight loss.   We want to know what NSVs you've had as your journey continues to unfold.

    We feel nothing more than overwhelming sadness when we mention Success Stories and hear someone declare “I'm not a success yet.”  Whether you've been living this lifestyle for days, months, or even years, you ARE a success, simply because you are on the right path.  We encourage, everyone, no matter what stage of the journey to constantly look for these measures of success, rather than allowing a number on the scale to dictate your worth.  That is what our Journey section is all about.  Following REAL people, in REAL time, and seeing all the little successes along the way.  This journey is not just about becoming a before/after picture, but becoming a better/healthier person (mother, wife, father, husband, friend, child, sibling, etc.. )

    Already thought of something? Drop us a line right now, or share your success  (written elsewhere) with us an any of the ways mentioned above. 

    Contest Ends:

    Winner will be chosen Feb. 13, 2013 at 11:59pm EST, and announced on Feb. 14, 2013.  Be sure that your comment is linked to a working email address, so that you can be contacted if you are chosen.  We will not use your email for any other purpose, but if we cannot contact you, another winner will be chosen.

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    *Any comment/story submission may appear on the site, but only one will be selected for the gift card.  By submitting your NSV you are permitting EM2WL to post as inspiration for all to see.

27 Responsesso far.

  1. Tereza says:

    The biggest NSV for me is to know that I don’t have to eat like a bird to look good and be happy with my body. That I can eat well, feel good and energized while being fit and healthy!

  2. Rhonda Brisson says:

    My NSV is that I now can eat and not worry. My son who plays football has commented on my arms – “I can see that tri, Mom”

  3. Richalene Knights says:

    For years, I have struggled with my knees. At some point the doctor had diagnosed me with oesteoarthritis. Later I began to get ‘heal spurs” and had to wear these fitted sneakers for my feet because I did not want to do the cortizone shots.
    Since I have been doing more strength/weight training over the last few weeks, really just concentrating on my legs, I noticed just the other day (Monday, 11 February 2013) to be exact that it now feels like I have some “brand new knees”. I have not felt this good in YEARS. My knees don’t lock when I do squats and I have no problem doing dips. Inspired me to keep doing the strength training and watch my legs tone and strengthen.

  4. mara vincent says:

    not a biggy, no pics or anything special to share, but to me it’s huge. YEARS of eating at 1200 or less, busting but with walking, working out, videos, some time spent at the gym, and never seeing any positive results. mfp at 1300+ and saw results but felt like crud. enter EM2WL and i’m now at 1800+ feeling GREAT, not gaining, still seeing definition forming in spots i never thought i could. for the first time in my life food is NOT the enemy and i have the wonderful ppl of this group to thank! can’t wait for my body to finish catching up and start dropping on the scale as well as everywhere else! thank you all!

  5. Cynthia says:

    I have so many NSV’s, but my favorite one is from today. Today, I resisted the urge to jump on the scale. Instead I measured my success by the way I feel and look. I must say, I feel liberated! I am so thankful for EM2WL!

  6. Beck says:

    My EM2WL NSV: I used to have an ED (never formally diagnosed, but was severly restrictive with cals since age 15). Joined MFP about 2 years ago and started eating more, but was training all my food away with excessive amounts of exercise. I would sometimes exercise for up to 2 hours/day. I found EM2WL and started fueling my body…I did have my doubts at first…especially when the scale went up. But for the first time in my life, I no longer run back to my former restrictive eating style at a small gain on the scale. I love fueling my body. I have gained 17 pounds on the scale since starting EM2WL, but I’m happier, healthier, fit in the same pants as before, and I can lift MUCH heavier things. :) Thank you, EM2WL.

  7. Melissa Feder-Piasek says:

    Hi!!! From missdimpley on MFP

    My nsv is how I deal with food.. I deprived myself for so long time that I struggled past year after I reset with EMTLW… Well, lately I’ve become stronger! I was able to eat food I love! but in moderation. It is amazing how reset has helped me change who I am, and really work with not only my body but my head (the way I think). HUGS HUGS HUGS

  8. Kim o. says:

    EM2WL saved my sanity! My NSV…I am dropping inches, my clothes are getting looser and I am more fit than ever. Doing things I never thought possible…all while eating lots of yummy food! I feel better about myself than I have in a long long time :)

  9. Lucia Harris says:

    NSV from MFP:-)

    Focusonfifty My NSV…3 weeks ago I struggled to do 3-4 Decline Pushups during my P90x Regimen. Now I can do an easy breezy 11. Same with the Dive Bomber pushups. I could have done like 3, now 8-11. I feel my strength and stamina building. I be screaming during the last couple (lol) but that’s where I dig deep to get my strength from.

  10. Holleysings says:

    There have been MANY NSVs for me, but by far my greatest and most unexpected NSV is as follows: for the first time EVER, I like how I look in production photos for this opera. I am rocking my corset and my fancy dress is four sizes to big, but I still look good! I never imagined that I would say that at 210 lbs and a size 12/14. EM2WL has changed my entire perception of myself. EAT LADIES AND LOVE YOURSELF FOR IT! It will heal wounds you thought could never be healed.

  11. Trish says:

    Hey EM2WL fam!! My NSV….after having no control of my eating for YEARS, I’m happy to say I haven’t binged in over a year since I stopped starving myself!!! Woohooo!!!
    xoxo ;)

  12. Lucia Harris says:

    Tamika Bellamy’s NSV-
    I used to feel uptight and even would sometimes opt out of family gatherings like cook outs or birthday parties all because I was on a “diet”. If I did go I’d pretend like I wasn’t hungry and just take a bite or two, never enjoying the festivities. I felt like a prisoner to whatever diet I was attempting, low carb, no carb, cabbage soup, HCG…Now that I’ve learned how to eat I host ALL the family gatherings and cook most of the food and I EAT the food. My NSV is freedom, freedom from restricted diets, freedom to enjoy food and my family, feedom to eat and still lose weight, freedom from low calories, freedom from the guilt of having a slice of birthday cake for my daughters birthday. Simply freedom.

  13. Lucia Harris says:

    Posting Kelly’s NSV-

    Kelly Sturtevant So ill write it here if thats ok: I was debating which NSV to choose, but I think the one I got this morning is the best one. I was doing my workout at the gym, when near the end a lady who was there with a personal trainer doing her session, approached me and said that she just had to tell me how small I am getting, how tiny my waist is and that *I* am her motivation for going to the gym. Even though my weight is virtually unchanged and at last check my inches werent really showing much different, obviously something is changing enough for complete strangers to comment. And to know that I could be someone elses inspiration was wonderful to hear:)

  14. Penelope says:

    Honestly? The fact that I started, because it was hard after having my second baby this year, but I’m doing it! I started and I’m sticking with it, and I’m proud of myself for beginning.

  15. Evelyn says:

    Started my journey 9 months ago. Did a reset for about 10 is weeks and gained. Went into cut and gained some more. So I went from about 132 to 155 lbs. was I frustrated? Yes I was. But I also starte lifting at te same time. Over the following months I did not manage to Los any of the weight gained. But I did manage to get into one dress size smaller now with 23 lbs heavier.
    Another pretty amazing NSV is, that I can maintain my weight now by eying about 2700 kcal day. Can’t get much better than that.
    Thanks EM2WL