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Beach season is here! Are you ready? No? Click here…

Finally, old man winter is letting go and spring has sprung.  Beach season has begun, and its time to have some fun in the sun!  We’ve all been working hard throughout the fall/winter months, building our summer bodies (we have, right?!).  We’ve kept our bodies covered up in oversized sweaters and coats, waiting for the day we can show off our progress.  Now, the weather is getting warmer, and the layers of clothes are being peeled off one by one.  Are you ready to peel down to your swim suit?  What?  Of course you are! Whether you have reached your ideal size or are just beginning your journey, there is a swim suit just for you!  

While most of us do not possess the body of a supermodel — who sizzles the sands every time she steps onto the beach — you can find the swimsuit that accentuates your best features, and you too can burn the beach like a flamethrower!

2-piece doesn't always mean "bikini"

2-piece doesn’t always mean “bikini”

When you start your search for the right swim suit remember that how much you weigh really doesn’t matter.  The last time I checked, scale weight is not listed on the size tag!  Most swim suits are sold by numerical sizes or S,M,L or XL, and even bust sizes.  You can’t always base your choice on what size you wear in normal clothing, so take a few sizes in the fitting room with you.  Remember its all about the fit, not the number on the tag.  Suits that are sold as separates are a good choice so you can customize your suit to fit your shape. It’s not necessary to always head for the one piece swim suit, because you don’t want to show off your belly button.  There are plenty of 2 piece sets that will give total coverage like a 1 piece in case you have some marks or scars you don’t want visible.  Also with the 2 piece suits you have the ability to create a fashionable suit by mixing and matching colors, while still having a suit that is flattering, comfortable, and most importantly bathroom friendly!

So here are some examples of a few different body types to help you narrow down what suit may look good on you:  


If you have what is referred to as a pear shape you are larger at the hips and thighs but smaller in your upper body.    You can balance the upper body by attracting the focus upwards with bright print colors on top which can include some ruffles or padding and a solid color on the bottom with full coverage over the hips and thighs.   

Tina EM2WL

Tina found a one piece that flattered her NOW, & rocked her beach vacay!


You are apple-shaped if your waistline is the widest area of your body and the bust and hips appear narrower. Swimsuits that downplays roundness of the midsection are the one-piece  suits with contrasting color panels, corset like, or  suits with a wide belt.  Also some 2 piece suits with a soft ruffle can be flattering.  


Women with an athletic or muscular frame: broad shoulders, shapely hips, and muscular thighs should emphasize the feminine features by complimenting the upper body with racer-backs, halters,  and criss cross styles to show off your well-defined back. You can soften the shoulders by having a top with a v-neck line with push-up support to show some cleavage.   You can show off those abs you worked so hard for with a 2 piece suit or one-pieces with slashes or strategically placed cutouts on the waist and abdomen.   For the lower half go for Brazilian cut bottoms to show off those glutes!  Women with larger bust have plenty of  cleavage,  so you will require plenty of support up top. Under wire, adjustable straps, seamed or molded cups with thicker straps and halters provide ample support.  You may want to avoid embellishments up top and skimpy bikini tops.

There are several other body types that I did not mention that you may fit into.  You can also visit sites like or and see examples of the different types of suits that are available for all body types.   You don’t have to avoid the beach or the pool because you think you shouldn’t wear a swimsuit because of how much you weigh.  You are more than that number on the scale!  So grab your purse and go shopping and find that perfect suit.  Make it a point to have fun and enjoy the time you have with your current appearance as you continue your journey to your transformation.

Take pics of the different styles to learn what looks best on YOUR body

Relax, have FUN, and take pics of the different styles to learn what looks best on YOUR body




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