scale not moving

3 weeks progress – (recent on left)

I started out my weight loss journey eating a very low calorie diet and not doing much outside of my normal activity for exercise.  While the pounds were dropping off at a great pace at that time my body started telling me something different.  I started losing my hair, was exhausted constantly and even lost TOM (time of month).  I knew something was wrong and started with a personal trainer and researching.  Finding the EM2WL group helped immensely and my whole thought process around this has changed.  It is no longer a weight loss journey, but a fat loss journey focusing on strength.

My weight has stabilized for now, but the inches are slowly going down. I gained a pound and lost an inch in my waist over the past few months.  My smaller clothes are fitting better.  My back is better.  I had forgotten how strong I was when I was younger, but am now rediscovering my muscles.

I now have new goals in mind.  My main goal is to be able to do a pull up and a dip unassisted by the end of the year.

Weight is not as much of a concern anymore.  Yes, it is hard when I occasionally weigh in and don’t see progress, but that is when I just need to pull out my phone and look at all of the progress pictures to see that my hard work is paying off.  Keep eating and your body will transform.  I am constantly amazed at what my approaching 40 year old body can do.

scale not moving

7 months progress – Only 8lbs lost! The scale does NOT tell the whole story!

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