Q:  I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and thinking through my strategy…starting to really think about doing a metabolism reset or bulk, and cutting the cardio back. Then I start to question myself…like maybe I’m too heavy to start this process and am not at my weight loss goal.  But, I really want to get the max benefit from my weight training. I’m OK with gaining a few lbs if the long-term result is good, but a little freaked out. I still am a ways from my weight loss goal.  20 to 30 lbs for sure. What do you think?


A:  You’re honestly fine either way.  I’ve actually had a couple people ask, so I’m gonna post what I said to the last person in the blog, because I think a lot of people are at a similar fork in the road.  Of course each person has reached the road using slightly different methods, so the answer is kinda based on that…

  • If someone has been pretty sensible about it from the start, I usually tell them it’s OK to get down to their weight loss goal weight before starting bulk/cut cycles.  But if not, I’ll usually recommend a metabolism reset, or at least maintenance eating for a while, while things straighten themselves out, before going back to the deficit.weight loss goal
  • If you know that you’ve participated in a little abuse to your body somewhere in there, then you may wanna give yourself a “time out.”  Eat at maintenance or more for a while, and get all other things (cardio craziness, 1200 cals, anyone?)  outta your system and under control before going back to a more sensible deficit/cut cycle.  The time out can be uses as a “mini” bulk period, to give your body a purpose for the extra cals.

Ultimately the choice is yours, depending on what you’re mentally ready for.  You really have to be mentally steady for doing a bulk or a reset.  The benefits are numerous, but if you’re not ready, you’ll head for the hills before sticking around long enough to find out what they are.



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