hypoglycemiaI stumbled upon EM2WL about a year ago when I began having issues with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar/non-diabetic) when I was trying to find the best way to avoid the low blood sugar episodes but hopefully still lose weight. When I first started reading all of the EM2WL info I was reluctant like most but I’ve been reading about health, nutrition, and fitness for years because I truly love learning about it so the principles with EM2WL all made perfect sense to me and the fact that I wouldn’t be starving was a bonus! I have literally tried everything since I became overweight at the age of 9, diet pills (as early as age 11), meal replacement shakes, Nutrisystem (age 12), Weight Watchers (about 15 times, age 15-36), every workout craze, even HCG injections (two separate times in 2011) combined with the crazy 500 calorie diet that goes with it. I’d even burn mega calories and log every food I ate creating 1,000+ calorie deficit each day and get pissed off a few weeks later when I lost nothing then go splurge and give up.

hypoglycemiaYes… I had a horrible track record for that..not getting the results I wanted so I’d get mad say screw it and go to McD’s for a big mac, fries and DIET coke (of course..lol) followed by ice cream! Little did I realize I was destroying my body as well as my mental well being by the horrible drastic actions I was putting myself through. I may have still been beating myself up that way had I not started having issues with hypoglycemia, but because of it I HAD to change my ways. I can’t go without eating every 2-3 hours and I have to eat good carbs with protein and fats or my blood sugar levels drop a few hours after eating and I get to where I feel as if I’ll pass out. So now I eat the best I can to avoid it which means I’m eating MORE because I’m eating 6-7 times each day and I’m eating MORE because I’m eating better foods that are more nutrient dense and offer my body better fuel than that big mac and fries I used to eat. My body forced me to eat better, and now that I’m nicer to my body its finally being nicer to me! Since September 2012 I’ve lost 11 pounds most of which was done with 1800+ calories a day and very moderate exercise.

hypoglycemiaMy TDEE is only 1,816 with the very light activity I do because unfortunately the hypoglycemia has given me some anxiety especially when it comes to working out. I am however working on that and am starting to get back into working out since I do LOVE lifting HEAVY! When that happens I will up my calories accordingly. Over the past few months I did an unintentional reset eating at 2000+ where I maintained my weight but in the last two weeks dropped a little more scale weight but I’ve been losing inches as well, (about 15″ total) feeling trimmer and fitting into clothes that were too tight. I guess my body finally realizes I’m done abusing it and its willing to let go of the stubborn fat.

My best NSV recently: a couple months ago the hubby and I went dress shopping for a big event and I tried on several dresses surprisingly I wasn’t critical of myself! No I actually thought “wow! I look good” in almost every single dress! The only ones I didn’t like it was because of the dress itself not my body. I used to try on 50 dresses and leave with 0..this time I tried on 7 and bought 2…I only need 1..lol! But my hubby said they looked so good he wanted me to get both (he actually wanted me to buy 3). The next day he even text me and said “I hope you know how stunning you looked in those dresses yesterday” talk about making my day!!!

EM2WL is really a life that I can and will live! It’s not some crazy, drastic, unhealthy quick fix that helps me lose a few only to gain 10! I’ve always loved food, couldn’t stand eating 1,200 calories a day and going to bed with my tummy growling and now I realize I don’t have to! Now I can eat foods that fuel my body and look “stunning” while eating!!!

Love, Love, Love EM2WL!!!!hypoglycemia

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