caloric intakeAfter two major surgeries, I found myself lacking muscle and feeling sluggish. Months earlier, a friend of mine brought EM2WL to my attention. Realizing that my caloric intake was so low and was actually doing more damage to my body was amazing and depressing in the same breath.

While recovering from surgery and unable to lift or kickbox, so I focused on my diet. I am a clean-eating vegetarian, so I have to fight to ensure that I ingest healthy and clean proteins. Here is a sample menu of what I eat:


Vegan protein shake (Protein, steel cut oatmeal, wheat grass, banana)

Fruit – usually strawberries

Plant based protein (lentils, beans… whatever)
Whole grain (ezekiel brand) pita or corn tortilla
Olive oil salad dressing

Boiled Egg Whites

Plant based protein (lentils, beans… whatever)
Brown Rice
Olive oil salad dressing

Yes, I eat all of that in one day… The serving sizes are great and I take in anywhere from 110-140g of protein.

Ok, so fast forward to 2 weeks post the last surgery, I took the picture on the left with the blue/green shorts. I started on heavy weights only. Cardio was limited because I was still in recovery. I would lift about 4x per week and then allow for recovery the other three days. After week four, I incorporated Nike Training Club and Kickboxing 3x per week while lifting 3x per week… Some of the cardio days overlapped with the weight training days. Super sets, HIIT, and heavyweights (especially leg press) were and still are my friends.

Picture in the pink top was taken 1.5 months after the picture on the left. Now, just to give you a little history, I have always worked out; therefore, my muscle memory is fabulous… Nonetheless, I still put in the work via proper diet and weight lifting.

My next picture will be taken 1.5 mos from now… Hopefully the transformation will continue!!!!



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