Q:  I get so overwhelmed thinking about fitness cycles and changing my calories to go with a particular workout mode. It seems like so much work. I don’t really know if I am in any particular “mode” anyway. I just workout 6 days a week, and hope to make healthy eating choices and stay within a reasonable calorie goal. Perhaps that is why I hit plateaus.

A:  That’s actually exactly why we hit plateaus. Nothing works forever, you have to be constantly changing, or else your body adapts. It’s nice to have an action plan and incorporate fitness cycles. After a while, it all becomes habit & not really as confusing as it sounds.

fitness cycles

 Q: I think those phases do just happen naturally sometimes. For me, it is too much to think about to try and “make” them happen. So much is trial and error depending on what my body and life are going through at the moment.

 A: You’re right, we do naturally eat in phases anyway, like turkey at Thanksgiving, ham @ Easter.. Or when we go on vacation/holidays we let loose, then when we get home, we tighten up.  So planning your workouts to line up w/those times, actually comes more natural than you think. It’s natural to eat less (but better), and get in a little more cardio, etc when it’s nice and warm out, you just wanna be active, & eat fresh produce. Just like its natural to wanna cook/eat a bit more comfort foods, & move around a little less, during colder months. So instead of fighting nature, you’re working with it…basically it’s just making the food work for you, know what I mean?

But (<<<here comes the disclaimer) if you feel like it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. If you’ve found what works for you, &  you’re happy….that’s all that matters, because the trial and error is the most excruciating part of it all.  We’re all different, we all have our own comfort zones, & we all will ultimately do what we feel is best anyway, regardless of what “Kiki says”, lol…..So whatever works for you, work it!

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