In this week’s episode, we’re talking how to lose fat WITHOUT cutting calories. If you’re at a point where that’s a struggle for you – maybe you could do it a couple of days, and then you tend to start falling off the wagon again, or you just don’t ever wanna reduce your calories but still want to lose the fat, this is the episode for you.

We’ve talked a lot about resetting if you’re at the very beginning of your journey. I know that cutting is crucial to most of us, so I want to discuss the fat loss portion of this and how you can prepare for that in your reset because that’s what the reset is all about.

Essentially, when we’re talking about fat loss, calories in verse calories out is slightly more nuanced than it seems. Fat loss is ultimately determined by your energy input versus output, and energy just means calories. Long story short, you’re focusing on how many calories you’re consuming versus how many calories you’re burning. Basically, how you maneuver that and how that works into your plan. So this will all come together, and you’re going to be able to pick and choose from these methods that we’re gonna talk about in this episode and see how they incorporate into a way that maybe reflects you a little bit more or feels less restrictive to you. So let’s dive in!

Here’s a sneak peek into today’s episode…

> [2:54] Calories in Vs. Calories Out – Which should you be more focused on?
> [3:14] Eating Less or Burning More?
> [9:51] The 4 Ways We Burn Calories
> [12:10] #1 B.M.R. – 60% of Calories Burned
> [15:40] #2 N.E.A.T. – 15-50% of Calories
> [22:00] #3 T.E.F. – 10-15% of Calories
> [32:20] #4 E.A.T. – We are not discussing food. :)

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