Behind the metabolism reset curtain…

metabolism resetI’ve been at cut for a little over a month and I am pleased to say that my metabolism reset was a success. I even went into cut over the Christmas holiday and woke up to a 1 lb lost the day after. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself but when your cut is 2k+ you can enjoy a few more delicious bites than if it was 1200. Toward the end of my metabolism reset I started getting hungry and didn’t understand that it was my metabolism saying “Hey, I’m here and I’m awake”. It took almost 3 weeks into cut at 10% for the scale to move which kind of scared me, because again I still struggle with the microwave mentality. It doesn’t happen over night, your body is a tricky and complex machine and it tends to do what it wants to. Often times, our brains and our bodies aren’t on the same wave length, one or the other is mostly lagging behind. But once the scale started moving I was as happy as a dog with two tail. So far I’ve averaged about .5-1 lbs a week, not counting TOM and those occasional misbehaved meals.

Doing a metabolism reset was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. It has healed so much more than my metabolism or just teaching me how to eat. My relationship with food is not that of guard and prisoner anymore. I’m in control because now I know that life doesn’t end with 1 bad food choice or giving in to my sweet tooth. When you allow yourself to eat more you are not tied so tight to those tiny portions and extreme food restrictions. Reset has also opened my eyes to all the health problems I had from eating VLCD. Lack of energy, irregularity, outrageous food cravings, dry skin, irritability, headaches and hair loss. All of these things I had no clue came from poor nutrition until I started eating. I still have chocolate cravings and honestly that craving I’ll keep, LOL after all chocolate is a required macro!!

Lifting weights is now my new love and I actually enjoy getting up in the morning to go bang some iron. My personal goal for this year is to squat and deadlift my body weight and increase upper body strength. Even with weight training I struggle with the “get there fast” thoughts in my head. I still think I should be flipping over cars and climbing buildings when I should just keep picking up heavy things and putting them down until they become too light, then pick up something heavier. I’ll be doing Xtrain soon and STS in the fall.

metabolism resetI never really thought that I had a eating disorder until I did my metabolism reset and began my cut. I’ve always associated eating disorders in terms of extremes i.e anorexia or bulimia. Ive never been one to extremely over eat or under eat for long periods of time (so I thought) But now that I am counting my calories and am being more accountable for what goes in my body, I now know that my eating is very disordered. There have been days that I would mentally struggle to eat 700 calories and then there are days I devour 2500 calories, all linked to how I am feeling and the level of stress. Now I understand why my weight loss yo-yo’ed for so many years, and I also understand why so many fall into these eating habits so easily and get stuck there. EM2WL has saved me in so many ways and Ive learned so much. Without their guidance I could have easily fallen into the anorexia/bulimia pool and drowned like so many, but because my relationship with food is continuously healing I haven’t. A full Metabolism Reset was one of the best things I did for myself, next to buying my first weight set. I can only speak on what I know and what I know is eating more saved ME.

If there is any doubt in your mind about increasing your calories, lifting weights, doing a metabolismreset, I challenge you to change the way you think, re-train your brain from the way we have all been taught to lose weight and give it your best. You wont regret it and your body will thank you for it.


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