Are you having difficulty dealing with family and friends who don’t understand, or aren’t supportive of you doing a metabolism reset or a bulk?  They may respond: “You said you wanted to lose weight, so why are you eating so much??”  Or you tell your mate you’re going to gain muscle by doing a bulk. “WHAT? Gain weight on purpose? Are you crazy? Others may say more cruel, and even hurtful words.  Before throwing your hands up, try to understand their perspective. Then you’re able to work on how you can help them understand yours.

Metabolism Reset – Support from family

Think back to when YOU first heard about Eat More 2 Weigh Less, or when someone recommended that YOU do a metabolism reset? Or try to remember when you were lifting like crazy — eating at a deficit — yet trying to build muscle.  One day a fellow lifter finally told you that in order to gain muscle you’d have to eat over your maintenance calories and lift even heavier?  What were you thinking?  How were you feeling at that moment? The moment you realized that everything you were doing to lose weight wasn’t working.  That you now needed to do the total opposite of everything you thought you knew about building muscle.

Now imagine that times 10.  That’s how your loved ones are probably feeling.

Just as you remember all the fad diets and the weight yo-yoing up and down, your family and friends remember also. Your husband remembers your reaction when you could fit that little black dress on one occasion and the next occasion it wouldn’t fit! They know how emotional you got when those “new diet” ideas became bad ideas fast!! They are just trying to protect you from another failure, from what they think is another fad diet.

resets, bulks, eat more oh my!We want those who love us to support us even when it really makes no sense to them, but that can be difficult.   So for those in your inner circle, you may need to explain exactly what this is and that this will be part of your life. The fact that you’ll be eating normal foods and not be restricting calories should give them some relief. And also knowing that you’ll be building a body that is based on healthy standards and not based on a number on the scale should have them doing back flips!

Having loved ones who are concerned for your well being and your happiness is a plus and should be embraced.   Most of them do not understand the philosophy behind EM2WL let alone what a bulk or reset is. Do they deserve an explanation? Maybe they do or maybe they don’t. But your journey will go a little smoother with the support of the people around you who understand what you are trying to do.

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