Are you trying to lose weight but your family and friends resist your weight loss efforts? You’re not alone. In this video, I’ll share three surprising reasons why they may be doing this – and what you can do about it.

3 Surprising Reasons Family And Friends May Resist Your Weight Loss Efforts

The #1 reason that people don’t support you is they don’t believe you. I’ve done a series on our Youtube Channel before where I kind of pinned down my husband and asked him why husbands tend to sabotage their wives. And as I’ve talked to different people in families, especially within the Eat More 2 Weigh Less community, a huge reason why people don’t support you is that you don’t believe them.

Maybe you are that girl that cries wolf, or you’ve experienced that person constantly changing things up. This is their seventy-eighth fad diet, their twelfth time quitting smoking, or they’re starting a new MLM or whatever it is. There’s always this person constantly starting something but never finishing it. And perhaps, that’s been you in the past.

Typically the people closest to you remember all those things. So whenever you start trying to change something, especially if you’re that person, that girl who’s always just been kind of radical and taking everything to the extreme. If that is you, then you can’t really expect people to just jump on board. Even I tend to hold people to that standard. If I know somebody who is always saying that they’re gonna do something, I just wait it out to see if this is really something that’s gonna stick or not. And that could be what somebody’s doing for you. So whether you’re that person that doesn’t believe people or you’re someone that nobody believes, just make sure that you’re committed first before you try to get other people to jump on board.

Watch the video above for more reasons why family and friends may resist your weight loss efforts


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