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Free Workouts!

Six months of workout plans to get you started.

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Building Muscle

It's not just about looking "ripped"

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It's Possible!

Stephanie tells how she did it...

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Cheri - down another 5% bodyfat, and competed in her first powerlifting comp!


What is exactly is "consistency?"

Water Weight

Water weight gain from strength training

Metabolism Reset Series

"I feel so out of control!" - What to do when you want to eat the chairs.

You both have been such a great support during my fitness journey!! Eating more has been the catalyst to truly set my metabolism on fire!! It's so exciting to be eating 2K cals or more a day and still be losing fat! I never thought cutting cardio and increasing my lifting more often and lifting heavier weights was the key!! I am passing on the info whenever and wherever I can!! Thanks again!! :) ~Tracy H.