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Does eating out ruin your family fun?

Eating more to weigh less is not a new fad diet. It is a way to lose weight and still enjoy life. At EM2WL, we strongly feel that when attempting to lose weight, anything that we do should be done with the express intent of doing it for the rest of our lives.  EM2WL started out seeking answers to questions like: Why do so many diets fail? Why is it that such a high percentage of people who lose weight dieting, regain it? And, not only do they regain, but end up heavier than when they started? During this process, we discovered something that, deep down, most dieters already know.  

Severe calorie restriction just isn’t maintainable.

There are so many different diets out there, some with such restrictions that the body is literally thrown into shock! Though weight is lost initially, the moment that you start to eat normally, add back the food types that were restricted, or stop the liquid diet, etc…the weight creeps right back on. Why?

Our bodies were designed to receive fuel and run efficiently!

We were not designed to run on minimal amounts of food for long periods of time. The body has mechanisms that take over to slow down the metabolism, conserve energy, and store any excess in the form of fat for later use. This typically begets more deprivation (as the person tries to combat the increased fat stores), and ultimately a sluggish metabolism, as the body fights for survival.

Low calorie diets leads to a vicious cycle of perpetual dieting that rarely ends with keeping the weight off.

It's time to enjoy life again!

Any deficit will produce a loss!  Problems arise when the deficit is substantial.  The key to success is losing the weight with a small deficit, which allows all things in moderation.  This is the core of the EM2WL philosophy.  We readily profess, that this journey isn’t a quick jaunt in the park producing rapid weight loss.  It is a slow, but rewarding process of a small caloric deficit. The fitness emphasis of EM2WL is on maintaining lean muscle mass by fueling sufficiently and lifting weights, enjoying moderate cardio activity for fat burning power, and appreciating more than what the scale says because it doesn’t tell the whole story. 

Just think about it: When vacation time rolls around, who wants to starve while watching everyone else enjoy themselves with food and drink? When the holidays are upon us, who wants to gain the “normal” ten pounds?  At EM2WL, the answer is “no one!” 

Unlike any low calorie diet you've ever been on, this journey is sustainable for a lifetime!

It is time to take our lives back!  So, when your family goes out for a meal, you can participate and not feel like an outsider. When it is time to fly off to that beautiful paradise or visit Mom and Dad for the holidays, you can enjoy all the delicacies in moderation. 

Are YOU ready to really LIVE the rest of your life?  Lucia, Kiki, & the entire EM2WL family welcome you with open arms, and vow to encourage you every step of the way, as you:

Take your life back….one meal at a time

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