Looking for before and after transformations or journey progress pics?

I took my measurements again this morning and I have lost 5.25 inches since 3/15/12 and a total of 12.75 inches since 3/1/12. I upped my cals to 1800-2000 and cut back my cardio. I am now down to 28.75 inch waist! It works! I have done less cardio during the month of March than I ever have in my life. I had to renew my mind to embrace weight lifting and eating more as for years it has been preached to us that the only way to lose fat was to eat less and exercise more! That worked for me at first, but once I got closer to my goal weight, it stopped working completely. I am so excited at how I look now, more lean and tone and I don't have to spend 60 minutes a day doing cardio to achieve it!


A little NSV... When I told my husband 3 weeks ago that I was going to up my calories and increase my protein and use whey shakes to help me get there, he FLIPPED OUT (like seriously angry) saying I was going to gain 50 lbs. (I think the fact that he weighs 450 lbs disqualifies any input on what I eat or how I work out). He also said I would get bulky if I started lifting.

Well... this morning he asks me "Have you been drinking those shakes?". I said, "Yeah, why?". His reply: You are looking trimmer and super hot!



Since I joined a fitness website I was til to eat 1200 cals a day. However; since joining the group EM2WL my Lucia I have lost pounds. I did gain 1.6 pounds after upping my calorie intake. Then after that I have been dropping weight and inches. I lost 5 pounds then gained the 1.6 while fitting into a size 12 pants. Those size 12 pants are loose and I'm close to a 10. Reminder I was a 14 when I started upping my calories. Then I lost another 2.8 pounds in three weeks. It makes so much so since and I'm loosing inches like crazy


Hi all, I am very skeptical when it comes to diets. I have seen them all! I think I have been on one or another of them for the past 40 years, guess what they don't work. If they did I wouldn't be on one for 4o years, I would have lost the weight and kept it off. The diet industry is just that, an industry. It is about making money, and as long as we need to keep losing weight, the industry will make money. Yes I am jaded, I have been starving for 40 years after all.

When I read the information on EM2WL I was a little bit suspicious but at the same time I thought this makes sense. The more I read the more I believed it could work. My only fear is my need to lose fast. But you know what I found out over the past 6 weeks of eating to fuel/feed myself properly, it feels good. It feels wonderful. I have energy. I sleep better, deeper and I get up feeling like I have slept well most mornings. I don't crave things to eat between meals or in the evenings. My biggest revelation, food is no longer an enemy. Now I look forward to my meals. Food is not the bad guy anymore. And as I said that is a "weight" loss worth more than any number on the scale. I eat really healthy foods most of the time. Sure once in a while I will have a treat, like a decadent desert but it is factored in and counted, I don't have to hide it! or pretend I didn't eat it.

In 6 weeks I have lost 4 lbs. I am just starting back at the gym with my trainer lifting weights so I think it is time to number crunch again and I think time to do some measurements. Look out world in a few months I will be leaner and stronger.

Thank you Kiki and Lucia, God Bless you both.

Judi Campion aka Divediva2 on MFP

I tell all my friends about it. It makes me look at this lifestyle in a whole new way cause who wouldn't want to eat more and weigh less although I haven't lost any pounds I have lost inches (there the best anyway) I feel better about myself cause I'm not starving eating 1200 cals like I used to which I didn't no I was starving myself (my doctor gave me that intake) I'm so glad I became apart of the group I don't no how I survived off of 1200 cals or less a day. A special thanks to the creators of the group yall are amazing

My EM2WL Journey

One of the best statements I like made by kiki is stay on a diet which you can stick on to for whole of your life..its so meaning full as any type of short time diet plan can never last for long and wont work either for the same reason as the min you are back to normal pattern you tend to gain it all again..so stick to diet which is healthy and which is doable in long run....


Eating more to weigh less is one of the greatest concepts to a healthy lifestyle and lean body. I can truly say that it has changed my outlook on food, and I now realize that food was never the enemy. I couldn’t dare eat 1200 calories anymore and survive. Eating more “healthy foods” fuels my body during my workouts and gives me great energy. Eating more has also spiked my metabolism. My focus is no longer on a scale victory, but the way my body looks and how I feel is more important to me than some number that has no significant meaning. So just give this a try, and I’m sure that you wouldn’t regret the outcome of this decision. My body is leaner and I LOVE it!

Kashonna Gordon
My EM2WL Transformation

You guys are the best. I am so happy to have found you. Especially since I had decided that I would just have to be overweight and pudgy since I knew I absolutely did not want to live off 1200 calories for the rest of my life. Now I'm eating so much more and feeling great. Pretty soon I'll be looking great too. Thank you all for the time and effort you spend helping, encouraging and educating!


You guys have helped me so much......writing this I actually think I may shed a tear or two. I just want to say thank you.

I found you guys on MFP, I wouldnt say by mistake, but I wasnt looking for a group per se. I was trying to find friends who logged everyday, and who had amazing transformation stories. I ran across anewlucia's page and read her information. I was like huh? Eat more to lose? Then I viewed her diary, I was floored. I looked at the pics, the stats, Im like really? How is it a woman who looks like this able to eat 2500 calories a day. I was too confused. THAT NIGHT I went and bought the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I began to add more friends to my profile from the group.........I am learning so damn much. I had been brainwashed to believe that I should be starving myself to lose weight. WRONG!

I had been on a plateau for TWO MONTHS scale no longer moving, and I was desperate to know why. I raised my calories to my TDEE, I lost 4 lbs by the end of that week. I stayed at TDEE for the next three weeks and lost another 2.6. I am finally under 200 lbs! Even is spite of the number on the scale, im losing mad inches, and fitting into things I couldnt! I am adding heavy lifting (loving cathe and Chaleane X), Im building up my free weight collection, doing less cardio I could go on and on! I am not a slave to the scale anymore! I have been telling everyone I know! My cousin Veronica, and friend Ismalis are on with me now. You guys have changed my outlook completely, and I CANNOT WAIT for my next set of before and afters.

Thank you so much for putting all this work together. I promise to continue to put the word out about this! Keep up the good work! I know it may be a lot at times, but know that you are helping so many, I for certain am so appreciative of the work you do!

Thanks Again


Hi I'm Joan and I am 48. I joined EM2WL in early March 2012 when Lucia and Kiki created the group!! At that time I weighed 127 wearing a size 4s that were tight in the waist (skinny fat probably!) I had lost 15 pounds mostly eating about 1200 calories and eating back about 80% of my exercise calories, which took me up to about 1450-1650, but I was still deprived, "Diary of a Hungry black women"!! LOL!

Once the EM2WL group formed i began reading through the stickies and there I learned about BMR and why I shouldn't eat below it and TDEE What I should be eating based on my activity. Unlike some who became afraid of eating more, I was excited!! But I knew at the same time that I had to make good healthy choices!! Also round that same time I began to lift heavy and also read NROLFW, the light came on the fire was lit !! I was hooked.

The Result I am eating 1700-2000 calories a day, today I weigh 131, Yes I have gained some, 4lbs to be exact, BUT I am wearing those same size 4s and the waist is loose and wearing some new size 2s!!! I look and feel better now than I ever have!!!

The concept is awesome, all you need is patience and understand that you have to trust and feed your body to get the full effect of the process.

Thanks again, Lucia and Kiki!!

Joan aka jaeone


Diana BrunjesJust wanted to say THANK YOU! for being here and posting info about EM2WL. I was at a plateau for almost 2 mos losing and gaining the same 2lbs....it was frustrating....but I kept doing what I was doing. Then I saw a post of yours in a forum and checked out your website! WOW - who knew??? So I decided to try it with great trepidation! I have been eating 15% cut for 5 days now and finally broke my plateau and lost 1.6lbs! THANK YOU! I could not get below 170lbs for the life of me, for a looooooooooooooong time now....and I'm at 168.8! THANK YOU! But more importantly, I feel wonderful! I feel stronger, healthier, and more motivated to other things in my daily life all from not starving myself! THANK YOU!


Diana Brunjes

Diana Brunjes

Hi everyone!

I'm a newbie too to this site. I've been a member of the EM2WL MFP group for awhile now, have successfully upped my cals while still losing inches, and LOVE the entire thing. Love the support, love that Kiki & Lucia are so generous to share their knowledge, love eating more now than I can remember in years whilst still losing, love reading about other people's successes.

I think I would actually be able to call my current relationship with food "healthy" now, probably the first time since I was about 16 (and I'm 29). And now I'm ready for the next step... have just ordered NROLFW! Am a bit scared about the bulking phases, as I'm in the public eye a tiny bit and don't want to feel self-conscious if I've put on a bit of fat, but I know it's what I have to do now to get leaner. I'll just have to choose my bulking times wisely!

So thanks for everything so far, and for this site (so exciting!!). I can't wait to get leaner and see the look on people's faces when I tell them it's because I'm eating more! I also have some friends that are still doing the 1200 cals & below, and I want to be a positive influence on them so that they will finally be able to believe that they don't have to starve themselves like that anymore. A year ago, you wouldn't have been able to convince me either, so I know that they have to come around themselves, and finally get sick & tired of starving. It almost makes me want to cry with happiness that I will never, ever have to do that again and it's all thanks to you guys putting this stuff out there. Much love - Lu x

EM2WL Forums

Hi all, just a quick progress update. I'm still not in a position to lift heavy weights but have been doing 30 Day Shred with 2kg dumbells, I'm almost at the end now and have been sticking to 2,000 calories a day minimum. This morning I weighed in at 145.6, the lightest I've been in years. Thanks for all the advice and support you give! ♥

Sharon W.
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36 pounds down and counting. All while eating well over 2,000 calories per day. Who knew? Alas, maintenance is even more fun!

If only more people realized you don't have to suffer to look and feel fabulous. Win!

Jennifer N.
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Lucia and Kiki,

I was thinking of you this morning. It is now 135 days since I gave up dieting and began to eat like a normal human being and exercising like it was not a death sentence. I cannot thank you enough. I have spent a life time hungry and what brought this to mind today is this...at 54 years old, food is no longer the enemy and working out is no longer my punishment for eating. It’s strange for me to contemplate going to a festival and not staying fixed on the food, even using the moderation and choice method I will most likely gain a few pounds today, but the thing is I will never know because today when I come home I will not run in the bathroom, strip down and gingerly (so as to get the lowest possible weight) ease on to the scale to assess the damage. I will instead, if it’s warm take a little walk and savor in the memory of a day at the festival without guilt or shame.

Just so you know, in my hundred and thirty five days of eating… I am 161.5 lbs, from a size 18 (very tight) to a very comfortable size 12.

Thank you so much for what you do, educating people that food is not the enemy, exercise is not the punishment for eating and that when you feed your body, you feed your spirit and free yourself from the digital devil, otherwise known as the scale.

Thanks again,

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The scale is telling me that my weight is all over the place- but I don't care! Why? Cuz my buddy I haven't seen in a while told me my shoulders are looking more developed! SCORE! They happen to be my favorite part of my body too :)

April H
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Just wanted to say thanks for all the great advice I've been getting from you guys. After a rough few weeks trying to cut unsuccessfully @10%, I've gone back up to eating at TDEE, and I'll be starting NRoLfW on Friday with a workout plan I got with the help of someone from the EM2WL group on MFP. Strangely started losing again since going back up to TDEE and feeling much better too! So I was obviously in need of those extra calories! Might have to consider going up again once I start lifting properly :) Keep up the great work!

Catherine B
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I'm not very active in the group or on your website. I did find your group back in may and immediately loved the idea of eating more and lifting heavy. I bought NROL4W read it and started the program. I am on Stage 6 at the moment (its taken me way longer than it should have) but I wanted to share some of my measurements.
May 1, 2012
131.4 lbs
Size 10
Chest 32"
Waist 28"
Abdomen 33"
Hips 37"

December 13, 2012
137.2 lbs
Size 6
Chest 31"
Waist 27"
Abdomen 31.5"
Hips 36"

You ladies are great for sharing this information, it has changed the way I function everyday and I love it. Still working on the "looking good naked" which I know will come eventually. Ive lost 85lbs prior to lifting heavy so I know this last bit is going to take forever in comparison. Thanks again and I will continue to keep you posted on my progress.

JoAnna B
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I want to share another happy moment and victory! Today I saw a client that I had not seen for a year and she said you look so amazing...how much have you lost? I told her 3 lbs since last year, but 1 1/2 sizes. She was like how is that possible...i was able to share with her my last 8 months journey of eating more than i was before, lifting lots of heavy stuff, and TRUSTING the process. I am glad when this happens because it is harder for me to see change since I live inside me every day and it has been a slow process, but so worth it. i finally feel like my body trusts me to feed it and through this I have learned to love my body where it is instead of waiting until i reach some crazy scale number or clothes size...i embrace my curves and muscles :) and thank God for a healthy and fit body...It seems the less i freak out about numbers and scales and calories etc....the better it gets. It is as if my mind was the biggest obstacle to overcome and it is finally getting on board...I even can get on the scale and not freak when i am up a lb or two.

Brittany L.
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I want to add something about patience and those doing a metabolism reset (or not).I have been having my metabolism monitored for the last 4 months. I'm not exactly sure what the numbers mean but apparently our metabolism should be at a 37 or greater, when I first started having it monitored I was at a 27. I am now at 31, still well below where it should be but it has taken 4 months to get my metabolism moving just a little bit. So patience is definitely key! People expect over night results but when we have damaged our bodies and metabolism with low cal diets there is a lot of work to be done and it takes a lot of time. The rate I am going it seems it will take me at least a full year to get my metabolism back to running where it should be. And this is why my losses are so slow.And in the same respect those slow losses are great because I have also had my fat mass and lean mass measured and in the last four months I have gained 4 lbs of muscle, and lost over 11 lbs of pure fat with ZERO muscle loss. Typically when people diet they also lose muscle. Imagine, all that precious fat burning muscle going down the toilet (literally). That's what happens when those people on 1200 calorie a day diets are doing, they have great 2 lbs losses each week but half of it is muscle! So if you think about it, I have lost the same amount of fat as those 1200 calorie dieters but have preserved all of that wonderful muscle that speeds up your metabolism and makes you look a million times better!!

via Myfitnesspal

Started my journey 9 months ago. Did a reset for about 10 weeks and gained. Went into cut and gained some more. So I went from about 132 to 155 lbs. was I frustrated? Yes I was. But I also started lifting at the same time. Over the following months I did not manage to lose any of the weight gained. But went Jeans shopping today and I dropped one pant size:) Wohooooo. Could not believe it:) When I was 23 lbs lighter I had to wear one size bigger :))). Big Thank you....!!!

Another pretty amazing NSV is, that I can maintain my weight now by eating about 2700 kcal day. Can’t get much better than that.
Thanks EM2WL

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I regained 5lbs since EM2WL. However, the changes are astounding. I have more muscle definition! I am able to lift heavier, perform more exercises! I no longer worry about "going over" now I always have room for "some more" and I do this while consuming 2200-2500 cals everyday!

Ashaki D.
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I joined MFP 185 days ago. In the beginning I stuck with the 1200 calories a day that MFP recommended. But after
A few weeks I stalled. I had made several friends/supporters on MFP, so I asked for their help. They gave me links to info on the eat more to weigh less concept. Calculated all my numbers and raised my calories to 1472. Not only did the weight loss start again, but I began to loose inches, have more energy, and saw a reduction in my migraines.

My weight loss has been slow, 20.1 pounds, BUT...I have not gained, and I am changing my eating habits. Still battle my sweet tooth, but I will get there. This weight did not come on fast and it will not go away fast.

I absolutely recommend em2wl...it does work!!

Donna Smith

I was doing my workout at the gym, when near the end a lady who was there with a personal trainer doing her session, approached me and said that she just had to tell me how small I am getting, how tiny my waist is and that *I* am her motivation for going to the gym. Even though my weight is virtually unchanged and at last check my inches weren't really showing much different, obviously something is changing enough for complete strangers to comment. And to know that I could be someone else's inspiration was wonderful to hear:)

Kelly S
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EM2WL saved my sanity! …I am dropping inches, my clothes are getting looser and I am more fit than ever. Doing things I never thought possible…all while eating lots of yummy food! I feel better about myself than I have in a long long time

Kim O.

I've been eating nearly 2,000 calories on a daily basis while working out seven times a week (still get two rest days a week). That's four 40-60 minute cardio sessions and 3 Crossfit (weightlifting) sessions and I've been losing steadily for three weeks :)

Marie R
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Reset is definitely worth it. My metabolic rate went up from 870 to an amazing 1500 in just 5 weeks after eating above tdee by a few hundred ! After 11 weeks I went up around 3 kg and now I've started cutting at 1900 gross calories. I'll have my metabolic rat tested again in a couple of months to see how my metabolism has reacted to this defecit.

Kim B
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I've gained five pounds since mid December (though I think some of that is water weight) but have gone from a 24 in pants to 20/22 depending on brand and cut.

Stina R
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Food is good.. everyone keeps asking me how I lost weight.. I tell them, "I ate more and lost fat instead of muscle" ;) they stare at me like Im crazy xD

Heather B
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"For anyone on my friendlist who is worried that if you do a metabolism reset like me that you will suddenly gain 30 pounds... I am on Week 3 now and still dancing up and down near my original weight. I'm up maybe a pound overall. It's amazing to me that I could jump up to approx. 2300 calories a day and not gain, but this is *maintenance* calories after all. Sometimes if you have been dieting for so long.... or never tracked your calories last time you were maintaining.... you can lose perspective about what maintenance calories really are. They are nothing to be afraid of. Heck, even if I gained 10 lbs or more over this 8 week reset, it would be worth it to speed up my metabolism."


"Was talking to a co-worker today about the fact that I wear a size 10 in jeans, and realized hey, I used to wear an 18-20 in jeans. I've come a long way baby! Yes, I'd like to be back in my 8's and 6's, but I acknowledge that I've done an amazing job and that good things will come as I eat, lift, rest and repeat! :)"

Shontill W.
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I have a couple of things I’d like to share with you and Lucia (wish I could tag in MFP). After years of struggling to reach a my “magic weight where I’d finally be happy”, I decided to exhale & relax. I stopped the "lose X pounds by April 30th" thinking. I cleaned up my diet (90%+ whole foods), cut out fat-free, low-fat, skim & eat what I feel like my body needs calorie-wise (which turns out to be almost exactly the numbers you gave me, go figure). I have a treat or treat meal every now & again with zero guilt. I feel better than ever & for the first time in 40 years, food doesn't scare me. Second, I cut back from 7+ hour long sessions of intense cardio a week to 2.5-3 hours (like you recommended, go figure). I added Crossfit, which is intense, but only for 6-20 mins a session. I added heavy lifting & now oly lifting. I feel stronger, more energetic, & younger than ever. Third, I decided that if my body wants to stay a size 8-10, then I will let it & love it. Finally, and this is the best part, I found my fitness evaluation results from 2009 (when I felt like I was only 10# above my “healthy” weight). I am 10# heavier today than I was then, but my body fat is EXACTLY the same. I’m no mathematician, but I think that equates to adding 10# of muscle to my 52 year old self!!! In all aspects of my life except weight loss, I have subscribed to the idea that if I want to have what someone else has, I need to do what they do. I do this with finances, mothering, and even my spiritual walk. Only recently with the help of EM2WL, I started to think that if I want to be strong & fit, I need to do what naturally strong, fit people do. What they do NOT do is obsess over numbers, change what they are doing ever week because it isn’t working, fear food, eat food that has all the nutrition removed & chemicals added so it can be labeled 100 calorie pack, exercise when they are injured or exhausted because they are afraid of rest. I believe what you gals do is a ministry & I have certainly been blessed by it!!! Sorry that was so long.


It will be 1 year in 4 days that I started my EM2WL (Eat More to Weigh Less) weight loss journey. I was 191 pounds (5'1) I am now 155 lbs so I still have about 25 or so pounds to go but I will get there and I wont be starving myself to get there. Even though a year ago I thought I would be further down on the scale than I am now I am amazed at the results I have had and my body has changed in so many ways. I was in a size 18 jeans now I am wearing 12's and they are not tight. Ive gone from a 44 DD bra to a 34 DD. I feel amazing, I have some good self esteem. I have learned enormous amounts about food and nutrition and how to eat to fuel my body instead of the old tried and true starve yourself methods everyone has been tricked into believing by the diet products industry. I have gotten here by eating between 1800 -2000 calories everyday. I have a bad knee injury so I don't get alot of exercise aside from my daily routine. I cant lift weights (even though I want to more than anything ) Due to a bladder sling surgery I had a few years back. But I have still been able to make amazing progress just eating good food and not dropping my calories below my BMR. I have eaten like crazy at holidays and special occasions and I don't worry about those things anymore. EM2WL saved me. I couldn't imagine being happier than I am today. Thank you to all my friends who have supported me along the way! And thank you most of all to Kiki & Lucia !

EM2WL forum

As you know I ended my 8-week reset by seeing my body fat % drop by a couple % and fitting into smaller pants (I started strength training during my reset). Full disclosure: I was in such disbelief, that I didn’t take the tags off those pants until today! *blush* But after one week of cutting 10% off TDEE, I am happy to report that I am down one pound!! Yay! And my body fat % has stayed down so it wasn’t a fluke! In the last 7 days I’ve averaged 2,614 daily burn and 2,314 daily consumption. That’s a hair under 10% cut. I’m still getting used to the girl in the mirror in the smaller jeans, but it’s slowly sinking in that the smallish-looking hips in the mirror actually belong to me. I tested my RMR near the beginning of my reset so I’m going to get it tested again. It’s NOT typical to have a net zero gain during a reset like I did (its typical to gain at least a few pounds net), but I had a pretty strong metabolism from the outset (my BMR tested at 1701 on Week 2) due to some other factors, so I think I had some special circumstances. But I gained SO MUCH from my reset and I’m so happy to be losing now at a much smaller cut than before. I had so much energy, was able to build muscle, got good sleep for the first time, and healed my body from VLCD (finally stopped losing so much hair in the shower). If you haven’t done a metabolism reset yet I highly recommend it!!

Betty S.
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Thank you, Kiki!! I hit my goal weight last summer. I wanted to see if I could get a little below it, so I set my calorie goal on MFP to lose half a pound a week. I ate at this calorie level for 5 months with no weight loss at all. In January of this year, I decided to try something different. That is when I found Kiki and the Eat More 2 Weigh Less method. It took me several weeks to sike myself up enough to raise my calorie intake but I finally did it. The first 2 weeks the scale went up a pound or 2 and then within the next month I lost those 2 pounds plus 4 more. I have been telling everyone about it! Right now I am trying to work my way up to TDEE and maintenance. It is scary for me but I am doing it slowly but surely. Thanks again!!


Dear Lucia and Kiki,

I wanted to write you a note of Thanks and sheer gratitude for all the work you do. The information you consistently put out to us, the unending support, the unbridled sharing of your life, your struggles, your successes, your optimism and your faith; all of these things are not lost in the ethers of the internet. I tend to be a quiet participant, but I watch, read and learn so much form each and every post from you two, and all of the EM2WL's.

I can't imagine where I would be today if I had not stumbled upon your Group with in the first 2 weeks of joining MFP. I spent my years from age 13 - 43 starving and rebounding the same 30lbs off and back onto my body. Luckily, I have always been a person who works out, with an affinity (accompanied by sheer ignorance) for "weight's". So even though I was meager in my attempts, I did do what I could with any type of weight. So at least I came to you interested and excited to learn what, how, how long, how much...and all those ideas involved in keeping and growing my Lean body mass.

In almost 9 months here, I have slowing gained: knowledge, understanding of time and effort, confidence in "eating for fuel", trust in the process, trust in my body, the patience and the payoff. I may not be there 100% yet, but I am beyond where I could have ever even hoped I would be.

Some of my personal successes in the last 9 months include: calorie intake starting at 1200, now I am up to 1850-1900 and still climbing, losing 25 lbs of fat while maintaining LBM, becoming much more adept at 'lifting heavy for me', via Cathe DVD's, increasing my NEAT via the BodyMedia so that I can eat a lot more, and be healthier for it, losing inches all over my body, even coming off my stubborn (cold) thighs/hips like never before. One other thing me and my DH have noticed, is how much less "Shrunken and caved in" I look. Usually when I am this close to my goal weight, I have that 'sunken' look, but not this time, this time I look healthy and robust!

So, please continue to feel the love coming from so many of us. You two are shining lights of health, happiness, and humanity.
Life is meant to be lived, and you show us how, everyday!

Bless you, and thank you.


You both have been such a great support during my fitness journey!! Eating more has been the catalyst to truly set my metabolism on fire!! It's so exciting to be eating 2K cals or more a day and still be losing fat! I never thought cutting cardio and increasing my lifting more often and lifting heavier weights was the key!! I am passing on the info whenever and wherever I can!!
Thanks again!! :)

Tracy Hutchins

Can I get a woot woot! For the first time in a year, I'm seeing changes and my clothes fit better. Also helps when two different people at work ask "how much weight have you lost, 10-15 pounds?" And my response "not one pound, but I'm also eating well & happy" Thanks for the great words of advice.

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My diet includes beer, wine and my new fav, homemade strawberry vanilla vodka & tonic. Plus a few other things. I've lost the weight eating and drinking what I love, though in smaller quantities and perhaps not as often. I can't imagine gaining back the weight I've lost this time. Best decision ever to follow this 'system'.

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